Monday, October 18, 2010

Our office

I think everyday since my last post I have had something to share about our farm, but everyday comes and goes without posting , so today I made the time to share about what our office and playground looks like.
Yesterday was Sunday, and we typically try to take a day of rest, but during harvest it is really hard, so often times Sunday is the day to take care of odd jobs so that the other 6 days of week harvesting of our crops happens efficiently.
So I want to share one of the greatest advantages I see of growing food and ultimately getting dirty going to the office. On our farm, our office is wherever we happen to be. Farmer1 got a phone call asking advice about caring for new calves that are arriving all over our area from MT. Special care is taken to get these calves off to the right start. You will notice, he had a hard time hearing because in his office at that moment he couldn't just shut the door to keep out all the noise...many bin fans were running, cattle were mooing, a fence was being built and I think I might have even heard a pheasant.
While Farmer1 was on the phone, farmkid3 was enjoying a little fun in between helping hang a gate. He was having fun and thought he might be able to get a job reading bunks if he could get real fast at going down the bunks on his bike.

Well, I'ld better get busy as I am in charge of weed management in our pasture and today looks like a great day to spray.