Monday, August 31, 2009

The first day is now drawing to a close and how do I explain all that I saw.  I am probably most amazed at how the wealthy is right beside the slums.
But I have to say they are all so very kind.  In the last photo, I received my official welcome from the ASA-IM office staff.

Probably one of the most amazing things is the traffic.  Bikes, motorcycles, cars and buses all trying to be first to go.  I can't believe there are not more accidents.  I was told that 99% of all the cars have scratches.

What is probably the most interesting is to hear of the work that the ASA-IM staff are doing to improve the health and well--being of the Indian population.  It is truly remarkable what they have accomplished in the last 5 years.
We are all exhausted after the 14 hour flight and now a 14 hour day--and not sure what time zone our bodies are on.
What an amazing experience.


Cheryl@FarmBureau said...

Debbie, thank you for the photos and comments. It was good of you to take time to do this when you are exhausted!

Crystal Young said...

Debbie, thanks for following my blog. Looks like your group has an awesome trip planned, and your first day has gone well. It will be interesting to see the differences between our two country's agriculture. I think though sometimes what amazes me is that we all share many of the same challenges. Look forward to hearing all about it.