Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A short note of today's events  We were warmly Biosmart Soy Training Center-where the owner has a facility to train anyone interested how to use and make soy products.

Then we headed to ALEAP - which is a center for women entrepreneurs--which offers amazing opportunity for women wanting to start a business.  

What's interesting is that we are only traveling maybe 15 - 20 miles but it takes a least an hour if traffic is good.

We also toured a small market that was offering only healthy food - which includes many soy products.  We also visited a large supermarket (kinda like our Walmart--but MUCH smaller and no photos were allowed).

The day concluded with a dinner meeting with the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs.  This group intends to start a cluster (small business) involving some sort of soya product.

Another day full of new sights.   We are in Hyderabad, which I think is a much cleaner city than New Delhi.  As someone said they are more disciplined in their driving than New Delhi drivers (they tend to stay in their lanes a little more often)  Their roads are in much better shape also.  The building going on here is HUGE.

So much more to say - but must get to bed as we have another big day tomorrow.

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