Friday, October 9, 2009

Encouraging more Agricultural Advocates

How to grow ag’s presence in the Social Media world and help farmers learn to tell their story....
becoming an Agricultural Advocate

(AKA activist)

Looking for a hands-on session for your meeting?
Did you have a speaker back out at the last minute?

Agriculture is under attack and must seize the opportunity to grow the presence of ‘real life’ stories. Help your members/audience learn and have the courage and know-how of telling their story.
I will lead participants through the process of starting a Twitter account and discuss the value of tweeting, Face Booking and blogging from the farm.
Plus, I will explain and give real life examples of how to ‘tell the ag story’.

What may seem mundane to aggies is exactly what needs to be
told to consumers-our customers.

Social media is a far reaching entity that can bridge the gap between agriculture and the rest of the world. By using social media, the reach and scope of that message can become much larger. It’s clear that social media is becoming an increasingly powerful way to communicate. In May 2009, the year-over-year gain in the unique audience of Twitter was 1,448% and reached nearly 20 million visitors.

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•5th generation Family Farm operation (row crop and cattle)
•Past President of Nebraska Soybean Association

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