Friday, September 6, 2013

Raising girls to hold on to old fashion morals...respect from boys.

Today I received a snapchat from my daughter’s personal ipad – so I opened it and it was from a high school senior boy who thought the snapchat was going to my other daughter (she has her snapchat on my phone because we have not supplied her with a smartphone) who is a junior.  It was inappropriate and fortunately it didn’t contain pics of any inappropriate body parts.  However, it got me thinking! 
How sad is it that a high school boy would feel compelled to send such an ugly statement?  That he doesn’t have enough respect of the opposite sex – that they find sending snap chats with vulgar language funny.   So heads up boys—take Kate Pinke’s advice: Dear young men…

What concerns me is that my daughters have to be exposed to that behavior and then say ‘mom, everybody talks that way—it’s no big deal!”

The other day I read a post from a mother of high school boys that gently tell his Face book friends of the opposite sex to not post inappropriate selfies (/  I thought it was a very good reminder for girls to think before they posted photos.
I have learned that peer pressure is daunting in high school and it is hard for girls to be conservative and hold on to high morals—so what kind of encouragement can I give to my daughters and my young son to stand tall and turn away from such vulgar behavior when it is running rampant in our high schools—thanks to technology?

It cuts both ways!

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Katie Pinke said...

Thank you Debbie for including my blog post! I commend you for speaking up on this topic and being bold with your children!