Friday, January 11, 2008

Blogging for Food consumers

The Humane Society of the US wants to put animal agriculture out of business----they want everyone to be a vegetarian—they call it humane eating. Not only should we have the obvious choice as to what type of protein we choose, but what about ZIP---Zinc, Iron, and Protein, the nutrients that help tweens brains grow and develop which are all found in beef. Not only do we get protein and ZIP, what about the 42 life saving pharmaceuticals that come from animal agriculture. I believe that all of us should be given a choice of what kind of protein we want to consume. But even bigger than that, there is not enough non-animal protein to meet our growing needs. Animal products provide more than one-third of the protein on a global basis and the global demand for protein continues to increase as third world countries improve themselves. Besides children need 540+ nutrients every day to grow, move and have fun. No one food contains them all, so it's important they eat a wide variety of foods in order to obtain enough of all nutrients.

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