Thursday, April 16, 2009

Safest Food

As an epidemic of anti-farmer, anti-pet anti-animal use legislation sweeps our nation, I’d like to give Nebraskan’s a heads-up. The pet legislation introduced is a red flag that the “animal rights” (AR) movement has effectively infiltrated the Nebraska legislature. The deceptively-named Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) lead the anti-animal use charge to rob us of our constitutional rights and eliminate American farmers.

As a Midwestern farm wife, I used to be amused at the fact most American consumers seem to think the eggs, milk, meat and cheese they need to feed their families just miraculously appear in the grocery store. There’s nothing funny about this ignorance any more. Now it’s just scary, because the animal rights movement exploits this naiveté in its agenda to eliminate our access to local, safe, affordable food.

They already convinced California voters to eliminate nearly their entire egg industry by approving Proposition 2 in last November’s election. This outcome is substantiated by the UC Davis study which explored the economic outcome of Proposition 2. This HSUS-sponsored ballot initiative will abolish the science and experience-based housing systems egg farmers use to keep chickens healthy, happy, safe from predators, and keep their eggs safe from salmonella. And now HSUS has declared it’s taking this “victory” to other states.

This “victory” will wipe out the family farmers and workers who once were the top ranking state in production and has now fallen to 5th place in producing our nation’s eggs. American farmers working hard to put affordable, nutritious, great-tasting food on our tables - wiped out by a group of vegan animal rights activists who think they have the right to control our food choices and sources.

What can Nebraska do about this? Avoid the same mistake. Don’t ever contribute money to HSUS, PETA or any animal rights group. If you want to help animals, contribute directly to your local shelter. Tell your legislators to oppose animal rights-sponsored bills. Tell your friends and neighbors.

Things are tough enough for Nebraska residents. Let’s not make it worse by wiping out our access to affordable, safe food. You will earn the gratitude of farmers in our state trying to avoid the unemployment line.

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