Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's keep the Choices

There is so much information available every morning to review, digest and then decide which to believe. How does one know what is science vs. junk science? I seem to be using the words 'everything in moderation' more often these days. Is one food bad? Yes, because we need variety everyday. Every food can be bad-if that is the only one you consume. But when consumed in moderation, I believe we can all enjoy some of the abundance that the US population can choose from.
That's what I keep coming back to, one of the great things about living in the United States of America-is the freedom of choice. Do I think organics are bad? NO. Do I want to feed my family organics? NO. But I am so glad we have the choice to choose today. And I am concerned if we keep heading down the path we're on today - in not too long of time - those choices will not be available.
So I encourage everyone to be wise and read health claims on marketing materials with a degree of skepticism - enjoy the amazing bounty we have and enjoy all the choices we have.

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