Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random thoughts

We enjoyed a couple of days camping with some very dear friends.

But once again, the headlines can make you dizzy.

U.S. agriculture is the only sector in the U.S. economy with a trade surplus--but we seem to be continually attacked because US farmers are being subsidized. See a great study (here) that concludes that agriculture has a special status in both developed and developing countries with a wide variety of subsidy and protection instruments in place.

Agriculture's efficiency just seems to keep getting better and many of the activists groups want us to go back to the 'old ways'. Why is it, after only a few days our computer needs to be updated, but farmers aren't suppose to update to new technology. Read here that “To produce one billion kilograms of milk in 2007, we need 20 percent less cows, 25 percent less feed, 10 percent less land. In 2007, we produced 40 percent less methane and 56 percent less nitrous oxide compared to 1944. The reason for that is improved efficiency, and these are huge gains.

The Ad Council is teaming up with HSUS to launch a three-year, $80-120 million effort to change the way Americans view shelter pets and boost adoption rates of homeless cats and dogs across the country. Maybe why this campaign is being developed is that too many people have forgotten that pets are an animal that must be cared for daily. Unlike farmers and ranchers who have chosen a field of work that requires a commitment 24/7. Not everyone is designed to be a farmer or rancher--it takes special character and commitment.

Maybe it's that character and commitment that makes our family enjoy the opportunity to camp for a few days. We just can't pack up, lock the house and go. We must arrange for someone to do the chores--twice daily. And it's not too many people we can ask to be responsible for a $60,000+ investment. Plus, the hay can't be be ready.
Actually, for all the planting to be done, hay not ready and someone able/willing to do chores for us all -- happens only rarely (kinda like a blue moon).

So as we celebrate the first official day of summer break, I'm thankful that we are a farm family. That we do have the responsibility of many animals and that the fruits of our labor our enjoyed by many.

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