Thursday, May 21, 2009

So much to Sort through

Everyday since my last posting, I've had ideas for a blog update--but it is nearly impossible to organize my thoughts.
There is the Indirect Land Use Charge (ILUC) that may make corn ethanol and soy biodiesel not meet the RFS2 (renewable fuel standard 2).
An Atlanta TV station does a expose on HSUS and within 24 hours it is removed...and then another 48 hours and it is removed off of YouTube due to copywrite infringements--that is after 15,000 views.
Someone I follow on Twitter believes that all GMO crops must be irrigated!!
Our president is apologizing for US behavior when overseas!!
Our president wants to close Gitmo - without a plan -- and finally he loses, because there is no plan. How many of us can make a business decision and not have a plan.

Some thoughts that I can organize it what has occurred the last two days...WIND, WIND and HEAT. We had high winds (up to 40 MPH gusts) and our topsoil stayed where it belonged. Thankful we are full-time no-till farmers. I drove to town yesterday afternoon for the kids fun day and the town had a haze (it looked like pollution to the untrained eye) and it was dirt. My husband and I visited, do these farmers who till - not see the damage. They are losing their most important piece of the high yield puzzel....soil.

Today I just read that it appears there will be a show-down on the cap & trade legislation. Yesterday, I read that Chairman Harry Ried wants to push a 964 page bill through with little debate. I am glad to hear, common sense is starting to have some momentum in DC. See more at Cap-and-trade Showdown

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that we take time to honor those who stood for Freedom and paid the greatest cost and those who have been part of our life and gone before us.
May God bless America.

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