Monday, June 8, 2009

Many believe it just won't work

Just wanted to share a few pictures of no-till soybeans following corn. Many farmers just don't think soybeans can handle so much organic matter (corn stalks/trash). Look at these soybeans. This field has been no-tilled for over 10 years.

I find it very interesting to see that the scientists have caught up with what us farmers knew long ago. "But removal of too much of that debris to use as a feedstock for biofuel could have a long-term impact on soil productivity, according to new research. The value of the organic matter is priceless in no-till operations.

So with the EPA saying that soy based biodiesel won't meet the RFS2 standard and farmers not willing to remove the cellulosic matter -- I just wonder how we're going to become more energy independent --more on that later.

Here's a few fun pics from our farm.


Willie Vogt said...

Can't understand why no-till soybeans after corn is 'news' - remember the rush on Deere 720 drills in the 1990s? Soybeans have NO PROBLEM in high trash situations - provided diseases are managed. So what's a little scouting among friends.

Debbie said...

You are absolutely correct. However, in our part of the state, we saw more discs this spring then we have for a very long time. Plus, it just seems that farmers feel they have to till for the soybeans. There is a large percentage that always plant corn after soybeans with no tillage - but much fewer with soybeans into corn ground.