Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's on your Chore List

It seems like my chore list is expanding at a much faster rate than I think I can accomplish. However, I find new inspiration to get more done each day. What is my inspiration? My kids – our future! If you haven’t noticed by now, I am an agricultural activist. The first time someone called me that – I was taken back—I’m not an activist. But over the last 6 months I have come to realize I am an activist, ( I prefer advocate), for agriculture and my passion is to tell the real story of production agriculture. That is why my chore list continues to grow and I am asking you to add a new item to yours!

That item is: Tell Your Story, talk to anyone and everyone within your circle and at least one new person each week about how agriculture affects their life and your community.

How can you do that? It’s easy and simple. The best part is we have the truth on our side. The US food production story is the best in the world. We have the safest and most affordable food in history. The challenge is with less than 2% of the population in production agriculture – we have to get our story to the other 98%. And if we don’t tell it, there are many others trying to and it’s full of untruths.

Do your neighbors know the truth about what HSUS (The Humane Society of the United States) is really about? That they are working everyday to put you and I out of business and force everyone to become a vegan? Find more info here. Remind them that means no hamburgers and no leather boots and no animal testing.

Does your farmer neighbor know that nearly 98% of all soybean meal is fed to animals…the livestock industry is the soybean farmers number 1 customer. Find more facts about how soybeans are being used here.

Have you visited with your hometown newspaper editor and reminded him/her the value of agriculture?

Have you talked to your city friends and reminded them that all food starts on the farm…not at the grocery store?

I have learned how to use the latest in social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and blogging, and that is how I am accomplishing the task of telling the story of ag.

I saw this from another farmer on Twitter that sums up my request:

@derekbalsley Farm Chores 2.0: Blog about your farm, tweet about your day, confront activists w/ truth, be an ag advocate!

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